Contina I/II/IIa/III

This page was made with the help of Larry Rolph , who also provided the beautiful
pictures of the contina I and this description: 

This example is a Zeiss Contina 524/24 that is near mint condition. This camera functions perfectly in all respects. The rangefinder is clear, clean and bright with excellent contrast and working flawlessly. Viewfinder is bright, clean and clear as well with not even a speck of dust. The shutter is crisp and snappy at all speeds and the lens glass is crystal clear. The interior of this camera is spotless and appears to be unused however. I know that it has. as my Father gave it to me just before I left for Viet Nam in 1968. With the promise that I bring it back without a scratch. I did keep the promise. My Father purchased this camera new when he was in the Army and he took it to Korea with him. Now I can say this camera has been in two war zones without a scratch as can be seen by the photograph. This example comes with original leather case that is in near mint condition as well. I give this camera a Mint- Rating because the Zeiss lettering on the body front is somewhat faded, that alone is it's only detraction. This is a wonderful camera, it is compact and easy to use and solidly built. It is a camera that feels good in your hand with nice balance.

 For web-photography I use my Kodak DC -265 digital camera. For lighting I will use my Paul C Buff White Lighting, Model Ultra Zap 800
and 1600 shooting into a Photek Softlghter 2. I will usually meter with an old but very reliable Sekonic L-256 flash meter. The Ultra Zaps are rated at 330 and 660 W/S (TRUE), they are made by Paul C Buff of Nashville, TN USA.  They are excellent


Fotografieren mit der Contina...
Using a Contina...



produziert 1951-1960


KB-Faltkamera (1951-57)
Contina I: 522/24 mit Novar 3,5 oder Tessar 2,8/45
Prontor oder Synchro-Compur Verschluss
als Contina II:524/24 mit Entfernungsmesser

KB-Sucherkamera (1954-60)
mit Prontor SVS Verschluss
Contina Ia: 526/24
mit Novicar 2,8 oder Novar 3,5/45
Contina Ic: 10.0603 
mit Pantar 2,8/45
Contina IIa : 527/24
mit Novar 3,5 oder Novicar 2,8/45
und Belichtungsmesser
Contina III: 529/24
mit Wechseloptik (Contaflex-Frontlinse)
Pantar 2,8/45 und Belichtungsmesser

ca.50-75 Euro

produced 1951-1960


folding camera(1951-57)
Contina I: 522/24 with Novar 3,5 or Tessar 2,8/45
Prontor or Synchro-Compur shutter
as Contina II:524/24 with rangefinder

rigid lens mount (1954-60)
 Prontor SVS shutter
Contina Ia: 526/24
 Novicar 2,8 or Novar 3,5/45
Contina Ic: 10.0603 
 Pantar 2,8/45
Contina IIa : 527/24
 Novar 3,5 or Novicar 2,8/45
and exposuremeter
Contina III: 529/24
convertible lens  (Contaflex-Alpha -Frontlens)
Pantar 2,8/45 and exposuremeter



Fotografieren mit der Contina...

Die Contina II mit ihrem Entfernungsmesser
und die Contina IIa/III
mit ihrem verlässlichen Belichtungsmesser und einer sehr guten Objektivausstattung sind robust gebaut und
trotz ihres Gewicht sehr handlich: optimale Voraussetzungen für zufriedenstellende
Ergebnisse! Zudem sind sie sehr preiswert
und ohne Schwierigkeiten auf dem
Sammlermarkt zu finden...

Using a Contina...

The Contina II with rangefinder and the
Contina IIa/III
equipped with a reliable
exposuremeter and excellent lenses are
solidly built and despite the weight very
handy to use: all requirements for
enjoyable results are met!

Moreover the cameras can be easily
found for little money on camera fairs
and at second hand camera dealers...


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