Zeiss Ikon 
(East Germany)


This page was made with the help of Larry Rolph , who also provided the beautiful
pictures of the camera and this description:
Here is an immaculate, rare and hard to find in this condition Zeiss Ikon Ercona,
with original leather case in same condition. This camera comes to me from
the original owner with original bill of sale, and intact 'Garantieschein'
card # I94 565 (guarantee card) and owner's manual. The Carl Zeiss Jena
Tessar 3.5/105 lens # 4489564 is crystal clear and flawless in every way;
including smooth focusing.  The Tempor shutter fires perfectly at all
speeds, including 1 second. The only sign of use is in the film spool area
on the spring steel spool pressure flange, indicating that rolls of film
have been through this camera. I would rate this camera Mint/Mint- the minus
due to the visible sign of use in the film spool area, otherwise it appears
to have been taken out of the box yesterday.

For web-photography I use my Kodak DC -265 digital camera. For lighting I will use my Paul C Buff White Lighting, Model Ultra Zap 800
and 1600 shooting into a Photek Softlghter 2. I will usually meter with an old but very reliable Sekonic L-256 flash meter. The Ultra Zaps are rated at 330 and 660 W/S (TRUE), they are made by Paul C Buff of Nashville, TN USA.  They are excellent

Diese Kamera setzte die Serie der beliebten Ikonta Kameras
fort, und wurde in den Jahren 1949-56 von
Zeiss-Ikon, Dresden hergestellt. 

Nach längeren Querelen mit dem westdeutschen Ableger
der Zeiss-Ikon Gruppe in Stuttgart  wurde dieses 

Werk 1959 in VEB Kamera und Kinowerke
1964 in VEB Pentacon umbenannt.

alle für Filmformat 6x9 und 6x4,5
mit Novar, Tessar oder Novonar 3,5 & 4,5/110
Junior, Tempor, Compur, Priomat oder
Pronto S Verschluss

Ercona I (1949-56)
(wie abgebildet)
Ercona II oder Exona(1956)
verbesserte Ausführung mit verchromten Suchergehäuse

um 50 Euro(mehr für Tessar)
Exona doppelter Preis

This camera succeeded the famous Ikonta and
was made by  Zeiss-Ikon, Dresden
After a
long dispute with Zeiss-Ikon, Stuttgart, about
the name this company was renamed in 1959 
VEB Kamera und Kinowerke
1964 in 
VEB Pentacon

picture size 6x9 and 6x4,5
with Novar, Tessar or Novonar 3,5 & 4,5/110
Junior, Tempor, Compur, Priomat or
Pronto S Shutter

Ercona I (1949-56)
folding optical finder
Ercona II or Exona(1956)
restyled chromed top housing
with optical finder

around 50-75$ (higher for versions with
Tessar lens)
Exona double these values

Bild  der Exona freundlicherweise von Henrik Kraft zur Verfügung gestellt

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