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Of interest to collectors is my other page that lists UK Classic Camera Dealers and is also a source of information about suppliers of obsolete batteries, films & flashbulbs. Also lists instruction leaflet, catalogue and book dealers.

Manufacturer Model Compiled by
Box = Box Camera | RF = Rangefinder | SLR = Single Lens Reflex | Submin = Subminiature | TLR = Twin Lens Reflex | VF = Viewfinder
Great Wall1960/70 Diana 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
Nippon AR-4392FH 35mm VF
Nikon F5 competitor?
Alfred's Camera page
Shanghai Seagull 4B 120 TLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Unknown 4 lens ActionSampler 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
Various19 Halina, Hong Mei, Hua Zhong, Pearl River, Seagull, Shanghai, Wuhan - Various ModelsTLR 120Barry Toogood's TLR Cameras
CzechoslovakiaTop of Page
Bratri Bradácové1936 Kamarád 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Bratri Bradácové1937 Kamarád M II 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Bratri Bradácové1938 Autoflex 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Bratri Bradácové1939 Flexaret 1 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Meopta Prerov1938 Optiflex 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Meopta Prerov1947 Flexaret lll 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Meopta Prerov1959 Flexaret IVB 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Meopta Prerov1961 Flexaret 6 Astro 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Meopta Prerov1966/70 Flexaret Vll 120 TLRAZ Foto Stránky
Meopta PrerovMikronette SubminAZ Foto Stránky
Meopta PrerovMikroma I 11X14 SubminAZ Foto Stránky
Meopta Prerov1957 Mikroma II 11X14 SubminAZ Foto Stránky
Various1937/71 Bredac, Druopta, Meopta, Optikotechna - Various ModelsTLR 120Barry Toogood's TLR Cameras
FranceTop of Page
Dehel1936 Demaria Lapierre  120Hein Banken's Cameras
Foca1960s The Foca Universal RC 35mm RFPaul Gates
Various19 Semflex & Various Others 120Barry Toogood's TLR Cameras
Germany - East (GDR 1949-1989)Top of Page
Carl ZeissWerramatic 35mm RF
Also explains model designations
Alfred's Camera page
Pentacon1966/72 Pentacon Super 35mm SLRAZ Foto Stránky
Pentacon1972 Pentor Super DL (Praktica?) 35mm SLRHein Banken's Cameras
GermanyTop of Page
Agfa1920? Standard Plate & Rollfilm 120 & 6.5X9 PlateRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1930? Billy Clack 120 VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1930s Jsolar 9X12 PlateRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1937  Karat 6.3 35mm VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1949/50 Jsolette/Isolette V 120 VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1949 Synchro Box 120 BoxRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1950/58 Isolette II 120 VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1950? Isolette III 120 RFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1950? Billy Record II 120 VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1950? Clack 120 VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1952 Isolette I 120 VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1954 Clack 120 BoxAlfred's Camera page
Agfa1954/57 Super Isolette 120 RFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1955 Agfa Solinette II 35mm VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1958 Silette Brightline 35 VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1960 Flexilette 35mm TLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1963 Parat 1 1/2 Frame VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1965/66 Agfa Paramat 1/2 Frame VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Agfa1970s Optima 1535 Sensor 35mm RFAlfred's Camera page
Bilora1957 Bilora Bella 127 VFAlfred's Camera page
Certo1935 Dollina 111 35mm RFHein Banken's Cameras
Ernmann1910 Ernmann Dresden 9 X 12 PlateHein Banken's Cameras
Foca1920? UBA? Unknown 7 X 9 PlateHein Banken's Cameras
Franke & Heidecke1929 Rolleiflex First Model 6 X 6 TLRJean-Pierre's Collection
Franke & Heidecke1932 Rolleiflex  6 X 6 TLRJean-Pierre's Collection
Franke & Heidecke1960 Rolleiflex 3.5 6 X 6 TLRJean-Pierre's Collection
Franke & Heidecke1960 Rolleiflex 3.5 with pistolgrip 6 X 6 TLRJean-Pierre's Collection
Kodak1934/66 Retina - Production Statistics Clayton Rye's Camera Pages
Kodak1951/54 Retina 1a, lla 35mm RFDr Burton Rubin
Kodak1956 Retina 11c 35mm RFHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak Rare Retinas 35mm RFMax Dyble
Leica1980 - 1986Leica R4 35mm SLR
(In German)
Marcus Clausen
Phönix1925 Phönix Folding 9 X 12 PlateHein Banken's Cameras
Regula1950s lll Series, Super, Supermatic 35mm RFHelen Smith's Irregular Regulas
Rollei Five Part History 120 TLR & 35mmPhotography in Malaysia
Voigtlander1938 Brilliant TLR 120 TLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Welta1939/42 Welta Welti 35mm VFKar Yan Mak
Zeiss Ikon1935/70 Zeiss Ikon 35mm Camera List Clayton Rye's Camera Pages
Zeiss Ikon Zeiss Ikon 120 rollfilm Listing Clayton Rye's Camera Pages
Zeiss Ikon1950 Ikonta 35mm RFHein Banken's Cameras
Zeiss Ikon1950 Nettar 620 VFHein Banken's Cameras
Zeiss Ikon1951 Box Tengor BoxHein Banken's Cameras
Zeiss Ikon1952 Super Ikonta 2 620Hein Banken's Cameras
Zeiss Ikon1950/52 Ikoflex-IIa 120 TLRAlfred's Camera page
ItalyTop of Page
Rectaflex1947 Standard 947 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex1948 Serie A.1000 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex Serie B.2000, B.3000, B.4000 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex Serie B.16000 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex Cameras Models 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex La Junior 1° e 2° serie 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex Serie 25000 e 30000 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex Rotor 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex1952 Gold 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex Special 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Rectaflex1953 40.000 del Liechtenstein 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Recta Recta 35mm VFMarco Antonetto
Recta The Director 35 35mm VFMarco Antonetto
E.C.O.M Stereo Miniatur 35mm StereoMarco Antonetto
JapanTop of Page
TLRs19?  - All Models 120Barry Toogood's TLR Cameras
Aires1959/62 Aires 35-V 35mm RFAZ Foto Stránky
Aires1958/59 Aires 35 lllc 35mm RFAZ Foto Stránky
Alpa/Chinon1980 Alpa Si 3000 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa/Chinon Alpa Si 2000 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Asahi Pentax1980 LX 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1963/67 All Demi Models 1/2 Frame VFHenry Taber
Canon1965 Pellix 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1966 FT QL 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1966 Demi EE17 1/2 Frame VFFred & Pam Adcock's Half Frame Group
Canon1972 GIII QL-17 35mm RFD. Scott Young - Compact Rangefinders
Canon1972 Canonet G-III QL17 35mm RFHenry Taber/Kar Yan Mak
Canon1976 AE-1 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1977 AT-1 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1977 A-1 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1979 AV-1 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1981 AL-1 (QF) Quick Focus 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1981 AE-1 Program 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1983/89 T50 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1984 T70 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1985/86 T80 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1986 T90 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1971 F-1n 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1981 F-1 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1991/92 T60 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Canon1981/96 F-1 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Canon1973 FTb 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Canon1973 EF 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Canon1972 Canonet G-III 17 35mm RFN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Canon EF-M 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Canon1976 CANON AE-1 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Carena KSM 1 (Rebadged Topcon RM300) 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Cimko1982  (Rebadged Topcon AM-1) 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Contax1975/82 RTSe 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Contax1982/90 RTS II 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
DeJur1959/61 SR (Rebadged Topcon PR II) 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Exacta KE5 (Rebadged Topcon RM300) 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Fujica1960? Drive 1/2 Frame VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Konica C35 Series 35mm RFD. Scott Young - Compact Rangefinders
Konica C35 dismantling 35mm RFAlfred's Camera page
Yes Really! Marked as such
1973 CL 35mm RFN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Mamiya1948/83 Mamiya - All ModelsTLR 120Barry Toogood's TLR Cameras
Minolta1947/58 Model 35 Rangefinder Information 35 RFDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
Minolta1963/64 Repo & Repo S 1/2 Frame VFFred & Pam Adcock's Half Frame Group
Minolta1966 Hi-Matic 9 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Minolta1966 SRT101 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Minolta1971 XM & XM Motor (XK) 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Minolta1973 Hi-Matic E 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Minolta1974 XE 1 & 5 35mm SLRMikko Niskanen
Minolta1976  XD-7 (XD11) 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Minolta1977 XD (Japan) XD11(USA) XD7 (Europe) XD5 35mm SLRAnthony Hands
Minolta1977 Himatic 7S  35mm RFAnthony Hands
Minolta1981 X-700 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Minolta1981/90 X700 35mm SLRAnthony Hands
Minolta1983 X500 X570 (USA) 35mm SLRAnthony Hands
Minolta1985 Maxxum 7000 AF (7000) 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Minolta1960s Minolta - All ModelsTLR 120Barry Toogood's TLR Cameras
Miranda1972/75 Sensoret 35mm RFCosmo Net Group's Classic Camera
Nicca1949 Peerless 35mm SLRPacific Rim Photographica
Nikon1966 F50 35mm SLRAlfred's Camera page
Nikon1977 FM 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Nikon1978/83 FE 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Nikon1982 FM2 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Nikon1983/89 FE2 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Nikon1983/89 FA 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Nikon1983 L35AF 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Nikon1982 Nikon FG 35mm SLR
(In German)
Marcus Clausen
Nikon1995 FM-10 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Nikon FM2 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Nikon1967 Nikomat FTN 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Nikon2001 FM3A 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Nikon FM2 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
I have had to delete all of Claus Marin's Olympus pages as he seems to have given up his web site - shame!
Olympus OM2SP (Spot/Program) 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Olympus 35 RD 35mm RFD. Scott Young - Compact Rangefinders
Olympus1975 Olympus OM-2 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Olympus 35 RC 35mm RFD. Scott Young - Compact Rangefinders
Olympus1969 35 SP 35mm RFD. Scott Young - Compact Rangefinders
Olympus1959 Pen 1/2 Frame VFFred & Pam Adcock's Half Frame Group
Olympus Pen D 1/2 Frame VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Olympus1979 XA 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Olympus1980/86 Olympus XA2 35mm VFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Olympus EE2 & Pen Fs 1/2 Frame VF & SLRHenry Taber
Olympus1985? OM2SP (Spot/Program) 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Olympus1972 OM1(n) 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Olympus1972 OM1(n) 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Olympus1974 OM-2 35mm SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Olympus1973 35UC 35mm RFN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Olympus1972 M-1
Later OM1
 35mm SLR
N.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Olympus1968 35SP 35mm RFN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Olympus 35RD 35mm RFN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Olympus1972 OM History + Gold OM1n 35mm SLRWide Angle's Olympus Catalogue
Olympus's Pen Gallary
Olympus1994 OM-3Ti 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Olympus1986 OM-4Ti 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Olympus1997 OM 2000 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Olympus1973 OM-1 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Olympus1984 OM-3 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Pentax1952/77 All Screw Mount 35mm SLRNigel Utting's Pentax Screwmount Database Project
Pentax1976 MX 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Pentax1975 KX 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Pentax1973 SPF 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Pentax1976/97 K1000 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Pentax1964 SP 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Pentax MZ-M 35mm SLRN.Maekawa's Manual Cameras
Pentax1955/59 Pentax History
Appears to have closed
 35mm SLR
Fred Sherfy's Pentax Collectors
Quantaray D2-RZ (Rebadged Topcon RM300) 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Ricoh1972 500G 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Ricoh196? Ricohmatic 35 and Auto 35 V 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Sugaya Koki  Rubix Dr Burton Rubin
Tokyo Koki Co Rubina Dr Burton Rubin
Topcon was imported & badged by : Beseler(USA) & Hanimex(Europe) Their model designations in brackets
TopconTopcons & their Accessories
Comprehensive Details on Lenses
Leon Schoenfeld's Topcon Collection
TopconThe Topcon storyMarco Antonetto
Topcon1957/8 R (B) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1962 RS 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1960 Rll (C) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1960 Rlll Automatic 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1963 RE Super (Super D) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1965 RE Super (Super D) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1968 RE Super (Super D) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1970 RE Super (Super D) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1965 RE2 (D-1) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1971 Super D (Super D) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
I may have had to delete all Marco Antonetto Topcon & Rectaflex pages as he seems to have abandoned his websiteas he seems to have given up his web site - shame!
Topcon1973 Super DM 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
TopconPR 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
TopconPRll 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
TopconWink Mirror E (Topconette) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
TopconWink S Mirror 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1965 UNI(Auto 100 & RE Auto) 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1969/70 Unirex & Unirex EE 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1973/74 IC1 Auto & New IC1 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1977 RE200 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1978 RE300 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1979 RM300 35mm SLRMarco Antonetto
Topcon1957 35L 35mm RFCosmo Net Group's Classic Camera
Topcon1957/60 R series 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Topcon1963/72 RS & RE Super 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Topcon1972/73 Super D & Super DM 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Topcon1965 RE-2 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
1965 IC-2 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Topcon RE200/RE300/RM300/AM-1 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Topcon1959/61 PR/PR II/Wink Mirror/Wink Mirror E 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Topcon1963/73 Wink Mirror S/Uni/Unirex/Unirex EE 35mm SLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Topcon &Other Topconsnbsp;35mm RF/120 TLRTakamori Yoshida's Topcon Club
Vivitar197? 35ES 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Yamato Pax M3 35mm RFPacific Rim Photographica
Yashica1963 72E 1/2 Frame VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Yashica1966? Yashica Mat 120 TLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Yashica1960/92 Dates of Yashica cameras Alan R. Corey - Old Yashica SLRs
Yashica1968 TL 35mm SLRAlan R. Corey - Old Yashica SLRs
Yashica1968 TL Electro-X 35mm SLRAlan R. Corey - Old Yashica SLRs
Yashica1969 TL-E 35mm SLRAlan R. Corey - Old Yashica SLRs
Yashica1969 TLR & RF models 35mm SLRAlan R. Corey - Old Yashica SLRs
Yashica1972/75 Electro AX 35mm SLRAlan R. Corey - Old Yashica SLRs
Yashica1972 TL Electro 35mm SLRAlan R. Corey - Old Yashica SLRs
Yashica1973 Electro 35 GSN 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
Yashica1958 635 120 TLRKar Yan Mak
Yashica1964 Mimy and Mimy S 1/2 Frame VFFred & Pam Adcock's Half Frame Group
1999 Bessa-L 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
Zunow1958 Reflex 35mm SLRPacific Rim Photographica
Zunow1958 Z16 SubminPacific Rim Photographica
Unknown1958 Carte de Visite Wet Plate Camera Rob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
RussiaTop of Page
KMZ - Krasnogorskij Mekhanicheskij Zavod Krasnogorsk FED - Trudkommuna imeni F.E. Dzerzhinskogo
ChajkaChajka 2 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
FEDFED 4 35mm RFAlfred's Camera page
FED1969/76 Fed 4b 35mm RFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
FEDFED 5 35mm RFAlfred's Camera page
FEDFED 5V 35mm RFAlfred's Camera page
GOMZ1956/66 Leningrad 35mm RFAZ Foto Stránky
Iskra1962 Iskra 120 RFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Komsomolets1953 Komsomolets TLR 120 TLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Arsenal 1947 on Volga/Kiev 35mm RFZeiss Historica
Lomo1979 Sokol-2 35mm RFAlfred's Camera page
Lubitel 1, 2 & 166 Variants 120 TLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Moskva1960 Moskva 5 RollFilm RFAlfred's Camera page
SiluetSiluet Elektro 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
Smena1973/93 Cosmic/Smena Symbol 35mm VFRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
SmenaSmena SL 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
SmenaSmena 8M 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
KMZ1958/64 Start 35mm SLRAZ Foto Stránky
KMZ Zenit 3M variant 35mm SLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
KMZ1962/70 Zenit 3M 35mm SLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
KMZZenit 3M 35mm SLRAlfred's Camera page
KMZ1965/82 Zenit E 35mm SLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
KMZ1980 Zenit EM 35mm SLRRoland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
KMZ1956/58 Zorki C (Zorkij) 35mm RFAZ Foto Stránky
KMZ1956/73 Zorki-4 35mm RFAlfred's Camera page
KMZ1956/73 Zorki 4 35mm RFMatt's Classic Camera Collection
KMZ1956/73 Zorki 4 (Zorkij) 35mm RFAZ Foto Stránky
KMZZorki-4K (Zorkij) 35mm RFAlfred's Camera page
KMZ1972/78 Zorki-4K Roland & Caroline Givan's Cameras
Lomo1975/8? 135VS 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
KMZ? Kiev-10 35mm SLRAlfred's Camera page
Lubital2001 166U 120 TLRAlfred's Camera page
KMZ1964 Start 35 SLRAlfred's Camera page
MMO1973/86 Vilia 35 VFAlfred's Camera page
GOMZ/LOMO1964/69 Voskhod 35mm VFAlfred's Camera page
KMZ?1956'60 Moskva-5 120 RFAlfred's Camera page
LOMO1955/80 Lubitel-2 120 TLRAlfred's Camera page
SwedenTop of Page
Hasselblad 501C 120 SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Hasselblad 503cxi 120 SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Hasselblad 205FCC 120 SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Hasselblad 203fe 120 SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Hasselblad 903swc 120 SLRPhotography in Malaysia
Hasselblad 201F 120 SLRPhotography in Malaysia
SwitzerlandTop of Page
Alpa Si 2000 & Si3000 - see Japan as they were made by Chinon
All Alpa Alpa History 35mm
Alpa1944/52 Alpa Standard 35mm RFAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1949 Alpa Type 2 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa Alpa Prisma 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1952 Alpa 4 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1952 Alpa 5 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1956/59 Alpa 6b 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa Alpa 7 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1959 Alpa 8b 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1960 Alpa 6c 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1964 Alpa 9d/9f 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1968/74Alpa 10d 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa1970/76 Alpa 11e/el/si 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
Alpa Alpa 11a 35mm SLRAZ Foto Stránky
Alpa Alpa 11r 35mm SLRAlpaReflex.Com
United KingdomTop of Page
Kodak1955 Brownie 6-20 Model F 620 BoxHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1910 Folding Brownie Roll FilmHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1982 Pocket A1 110Hein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1989 Stretch 35 35mm VFHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1915 Vest Pocket Autographic 127 VFHein Banken's Cameras
J. Lancaster & Sonc1891 Lancaster Stereo Instantograph PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
MPP19 Microcord & MicroflexTLR 120Barry Toogood's TLR Cameras
McKellen1884 Double Pinion Treble Patent Camera 1/2 PlateDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
Newman and Guardia Special Sybil 120 VFHarry Kitchen
Reid and Sigrist1951/64 1 & 1ii 35mm SLRPacific Rim Photographica
United States of AmericaTop of Page
American Optical Coc1892/99 Henry Clay Steroscopic 5 X 7 & 5 X 8 PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
E & H.T. Anthony & Coc1887 Anthony Champion Stereo 5X8 PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
E & H.T. Anthony & Coc1898/1906 The Clifton Camera 5X7 to 14X17 (6 varieties) PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
The Anthony & Scovill Companyc1902/7 Anthony Stereo Solograph; 4.5X6.5" PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
Argus1939/66 C3 & C3 matchmatic 35mm RFKar Yan Mak
Argus1939/66 C3 35mm RF
Argus1956/57 C44 35mm RFCosmo Net Group's Classic Camera
Argus1940/48 Argoflex E 120 TLRCosmo Net Group's Classic Camera
Argus A attributes 35mm VFArgus Collectors Group
Argus C attributes 35mm VFArgus Collectors Group
Blair Camera Company Blair Stereo Hawkeye Rob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
Blair Camera Co1889 Improved Cincinnati Reversible Back 5x7 PlateDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
Greenpoint1889 Optical Eureka Camera with Pinhole lens 4x5 PlateDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
Deardorff1923/49 V8 8 X 10 ViewKen Hough
Deardorff1929 S11 Studio  ViewKen Hough
Deardorff1937/49 V5 5 X 7 ViewKen Hough
Deardorff1935/49 V4 4 X 5 ViewKen Hough
Deardorff1950/88 5 X 7 & 4 X 5 View 5 X 7 ViewKen Hough
Deardorff1940s V11 11 X 14 ViewKen Hough
Deardorff1938/48/84 Triampro 4 X 5 HandKen Hough
Deardorff P8 Portrait  ViewKen Hough
E. I. Horsman Co1888/1900 No. 2 Eclipse Camera 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 PlateDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
IRC Exar & Argus Model D, K & M 35mm VFArgus Collectors Group
Robert H Ingersoll & Bro.c1897 Sure Shot Detective Camera 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
Kodak1890/1998 Camera Chronology Part 1  Kodak Web Site
Kodak1890/1998 Camera Chronology Part 2 Kodak Web Site
Kodakc1905 No.2 Stereo Brownie Rob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
Kodak1954 Brownie Holiday Flash 127 BoxHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1960 Brownie Starmite 127 BoxHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1958 Brownie Starflash 127 BoxHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1947 Duaflex 620 TLRHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1935 No 2 Hawkeye Model B 120 BoxHein Banken's Cameras
Kodak1963/66 Instamatic 50 126Hein Banken's Cameras
Milburn Camera Coc1895 The Korona Camera 5X7 PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
Rochester Optical Co1890/99 New Model Improved Camera 4x5 PlateDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
Rochester Optical Co1886 Commodore Camera 4x5 PlateDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
Scovill1860/1902 &Scovill Indexnbsp;Pacific Rim Photographica
Scovillc1870 Ferrotype Bon Ton View Box 5X7 PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
Scovill1885/1900 Waterbury 5X7 & 5X8 PlateDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
Scovill Waterbury 4x5 PlateMilan Zahorcak Pacific Rim Photographica
Scovill1890 Antique Oak Detective Camera 4x5 PlateMilan Zahorcak Pacific Rim Photographica
Sunart1893/1899 Vidi 4x5 PlateDan Colucci's Antique and Classic Cameras
Unknownc1880s Presentation Camera 1/4 PlateRob Niederman's Antique & 19th Century Cameras
Univex1945 Mercury 35mm VFCosmo Net Group's Classic Camera
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