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Listing updated October 16th, 2017

35mm CamerasPrice
Panorama Camera, Wide Pic Panoramic Lens (boxed)£1.99
Kodak Colorsnap 35 and Case£3.99
Bierette BL (black), 45mm f2.8 Meritar Lens and Case (made in Germany)£18.95

APS CamerasPrice
Canon Ixus 270 and Case£5.99

120/620/127 CamerasPrice
Kodak Brownie No 127 Box Camera£3.99
Kodak Brownie 127 Bakelite Model including Case (older version)£3.99
Ilford Sportsman, Prontor 125 Shutter (made in West Germany)£5.99
Agfa Box Camera 8-on-120, built-in Yellow Filter£5.99
Conway Box Camera 3¼ x 2¼ (takes 120 film)£5.99
Kodak Brownie Cresta 120 Camera (boxed)£5.99
Kodak Portrait Hawkeye-Star Box Camera (takes 620 film)£6.99
Brownie-D Six-20 (takes 620 film), Twin Viewfinders, Case (nice condition)£9.95
Kodak No 3 Autographic Model G, 130mm f7.7 Lens, Ball Bearing Shutter£11.95
Hawkeye Ace Deluxe (made in UK by Kodak) takes 127 film (nice condition)£19.95
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company, Automat Carbine 3" x 4", Aldis Uno Anastigmat f7.7 Lens, 1 second/100th, T&B Rising Front (serial number A80244)£39.95
Bronica EC, 80mm f2.8 Zenzanon Lens (excellent condition)£344.95
Rolleiflex 2¼ Square, 80mm f2.8 Planar Lens including Case (this is in outstanding condition and one of the best we have seen)£799.95

Autoknips (made in Germany) Wind-up Self Timer in fitted Case£14.95
Walz (made in Germany) Wind-up Self Timer and Case£8.95
Vivitar Sensor Adapter for 283 Flashgun£2.99
Straight Flashbar£0.99
L Bracket Flashbar£1.99
Canon Battery Grip BG-E3£14.95
Canon Vertical Grip VG-10£11.95
Canon Grip GR-30£0.99
Boxed new Canon Remote Switch Adapter T3£2.99
Boxed new Canon Remote Control RC-4£2.99
For Canon AE-1, -3 Correction Lens£4.99
Boxed new Canon S-fitting Correction Lenses -0.5, -3, -4, +3each £1.99
Canon Handgrip for A1each £2.99
Boxed new Canon Off Camera Shoe Adaptereach £5.99
Canon TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 2each £5.99
Boxed Olympus Remote Control RC-100£1.99
Boxed Olympus Remote Control Cord RC-30£1.99
Boxed Olympus Close-up Lens for AFL-S£0.99
Olympus Body Cap£1.75
Olympus Rear Lens Cap£1.75
Olympus Rubber Hood to fit 40mm f2, 85mm f2 or 100mm f2.8£3.99
Olympus Extension Tube 14£9.95
Olympus T32 Flashgun£11.95
Olympus T20 Flashgun£7.95
Olympus Manual Adapter for OM-10£9.95
Olympus Case for 135mm f3.5 Telephoto Lens£1.99

Leica C2, Leica Vario-Elmar 35/70mm Zoom Lens and Case (excellent)£109.95
Leica 35mm f2.8 Summaron and UV filter£799.95
Leica 90mm f2.8 Elmarit and UV filter£599.95
Boxed Leica Meter MR (scruffy)£29.95
Leitz Synchronblitzer (boxed and as new condition)£29.95
We will consider reasonable offers for the Leica Cameras & Lenses and we will take photographic goods in part-exchange. Top prices given.

Post & Packing (UK) Mainland only £2 per order - overseas at cost

We will take part-exchange (photo & instruction books, filters, lenses & cameras) on any of the products listed

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