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About Denton Photo Optics 1968 - 2017

Second Hand Darkroom Equipment and Enlarging Lenses
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Listing updated August 20th 2017

Darkroom EquipmentPrice
Paterson Major II Universal Developing Tank & Spiral (boxed)£4.99
Envoy 2 x 3 Plate Developing Tank (boxed)£4.99
Darkroom Sink Print Washer£0.49
6" Arrow Darkroom Thermometer£0.75
Wooden Printing Holder 2¼ x 3¼ (collectable?)£0.99
Paterson 150mm Measure£0.99
Photax 300mm Measure£1.49
Photax 600mm Measure£1.75
Paterson 10 x 8 Colour Drum£1.49
Paterson Set of 2 Print Tongs£0.75
Gnome 2" Optical Condenser Holder£0.99
2" Condenser£0.99
3¾" Condenser Holder and two Condensers£1.99
New Ilfrachrome 9cm x 9cm Filter Set£0.49
Ilford Multigrade Filter Set 8.9 x 8.9 (boxed)£0.99
Boxed new Ilford Masking Frame for 35mm Transparencies£4.99
Meopta 78114 Insert£1.99
Meopta 78236£0.99
Meopta 24 x 36 Neg Mask (392821430183 - boxed)£0.99
Durst Siriotub Lens Flange£0.99
Durst Aumet 26 Negative Holder£0.99
Durst Aumet 66 Negative Holder£1.99
Kaiser 4371 Neg Carrier for Slides (boxed)£0.99
CP Colour Printing Filter Set 70 x 70 (boxed)£1.99
30M Bulk Film Loader£2.99
Ilford Development Times Calculator for Pan F / FP4 / HP5 / XP1£0.39

Second Hand Enlarging LensesPrice
Gnome Acromat 2¼ Lens£0.99
Wray Supar Series 3 - 75mm f4.5 (boxed)£4.99
Paterson 50mm f3.5 Lens (boxed)£5.99
Mikar 55mm f3.5 Lens£6.99
Durst Neotar-N 50mm f3.5 Lens (boxed)£5.99

Post & Packing (UK) Mainland only £2 per order - overseas at cost

We will take part-exchange (photo & instruction books, filters, lenses & cameras) on any of the products listed

Phone Dave - Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11.00am to 3.30pm but you can contact us at the warehouse on 07967271840

Phone: 0161 336 4603   -   e-mail: norton.d@btconnect.com

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